Gangs Of New York

I have read a few articles this summer concerning the attempt by some lawmakers in New York state to pass the Child Victims Act. The bill would give victims of abuse up to the age of 28 to file a criminal complaint, 50 for a civil suit, and create a one year window for past

Style, Meet Substance

In the past couple of weeks I had the chance to view two highly anticipated and critically acclaimed movies, Baby Driver and The Big Sick. Both films were entertaining in their own distinctive way, but they highlighted what I, and many critics I think, see as the main problem with Hollywood today. Let’s dig in.

The Tears Of A Clown

They say you get what you give. Donald Trump gave an interview to the New York Times yesterday and made it clear that he does not abide by that mantra. In fact, though he demands unwavering loyalty from employees, minions, whatever, he really doesn’t give a shit about anybody but himself. During the interview –

Hair, The Musical

I switched barber shops recently. I had been going to a little place on “historic” Tennyson Street, a trendy little area a few miles from my place that is rapidly being redeveloped in to something that will one day no longer be historic, just a bunch of expensive little boxes full of people who have

America, Oh America

On the eve of our national holiday celebrating America’s independence and everything that is good about our country it might be wise to take a few moments and think about how we got from here…………   To here……………. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Más Tequila

  I recently read an article regarding the sale of Casamigos Tequila – owned by celebrities George Clooney and Randy Gerber – to Diageo for close to $1 billion. I didn’t know that Clooney owned a tequila company, but it isn’t that surprising given that many celebrities involve themselves in these types of projects. According

Save Our Society

I have been off the grid for awhile, possibly hoping that somehow things would change. But they haven’t. One can hope but, as I have said about prayer, it’s pretty much an exercise in futility. “Que sera, sera” as the song goes, whatever will be, will be. So it is inevitable that an orange idiot

Nobody But Me

Lying here beside myself with joy I am too much for my mirror… …I fell in love as a boy Opened my eyes and saw my shadow…                          -Mason/Broughton I saw this article today, entitled How Does A Narcissist Think? and it got me to thinking. How does a narcissist think and do I know